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Before time as we know it a child was born who would impact the world for all eternity. Taking her rightful station in a kingdom that pushed her aside would mark the beginning of a new era.


An unsuspecting barren woman and her husband tucked away in the hills stumble upon a baby girl hidden in their barn one fateful morning. Realizing her uniqueness, they hid her away from the world, raising her as their own and sheilding her from the forbidden world beyond the woods. Until one day, the girl follows a beautiful butterfly past the woods into a field shrouded by a mysterious forcefield that only she is able to penetrate. Mystical creatures that resemble her, beckon her and she follows them deeper and deeper into the woods until she has become eternally lost. A wise old woman takes the girl under her wing and mentors her knowing her secret and revealing them when she is ready to take her rightful place among them but there is something holding her back, the life and family she has grown to love and a promise she vowed to keep. This classic tale of good vs. evil, and obeying a calling will leave readers intrigued from the first pages.


Queen of the Fields (Pre Order)

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