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The Forgotten Timepiece by Joyce Licorish

Format Type: Special Edition Autographed Hardback  (Delivery in 7-10 Business Days)



SeRina, an adopted, beautiful, rebellious and assumingly white teenager goes on the quest to find her biological family after tragedy strikes. On her journey, she is shocked to find out her true heritage. After an encounter with her eccentric newly-discovered grandmother, she is mysteriously transported from the year 2009 to the antebellum South in 1859 where she finds herself chained to an ancestral past that she never knew. There she runs into familiar faces from home, but she is remembered by no one. In 2009, she had seen but dismissed the struggle of blacks and thought the slavery narratives were almost a bit comical and overexaggerated with their rehearsed agony.  But to be an arm's length away from the horror, to smell the fear and see the sweat dripping from his brow, to watch the strong rigid body of a man she had drawn so close to go limp from submission, devastated her in ways that she could not explain.  

Torn between times, love survival, conformity, and resistance, SeRina is determined to return home, but how? Lodged in 1859 living the life of a slave instead of her life of luxury, "Freedom", the once insignificant, simple and presupposed word now held a new value in her mind, and she wondered if she would ever taste it again.

Forgotten Timepiece (Signed Hardback)

  • (Delivery in 7-10 Business Days)

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