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About the Author

Joyce Licorish is the youngest of 7 daughters and mother of 2 beautiful daughters and 1 rambunctious son.  She recently married film actor Jerome Davis.  She was born and raised in the inner-city of Indianapolis, where she was bussed to a primarily white school and saw early on the effects of discrimination and racism.

Joyce, singer, actress, plus model and playwright, takes a turn toward another creative vein as the author of THE FORGOTTEN TIMEPIECE.  Best known for her direction/production of Oprah Winfrey’s Color Purple Tour, her powerhouse vocal abilities and stage acting, she takes a step away from the microphone and stage towards the pen to create her debut novel.  Inspired by a dream about a watch left to her by her now deceased grandmother Hattie, Joyce takes readers on a journey from modern day back to 1859 and follows the journey of a girl trying to discover herself in a world she cannot understand.


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